Sabtu, 11 April 2009

i didn't find you.
somehow we meet.

i don't even waited for you.
somehow you came.

i don't even know you.
somehow i'm curious about you.

i don't ever dreamed of you.
somehow you were by my side.

i don't quite know how i feel.
somehow you gave me something.

i don't ever wanted to be like this.
somehow i can't defy it.

i've never been thinking of give my everything.
somehow i did.

mute to be exact.
somehow the words vomit.

Khamis, 5 Mac 2009

I'll versify your beautiful words,
Rhymes all your songs,accompany my loneliness.
Paint your face,colouring my life.
Fulfill your heart,it never get dry.
I'll stand by you,for what any circumstance.
Stay for what any reason.

I'll be your 8th wonders,because you're magical.
Can i stay with you forever?because you're some kind of air for me to breathe.
Never a minutes,seconds,hours,day that you're out of my mind.
I sunddenly know how to rhymes when i found you.
I found myself lost without your guidance,because you're my inspiration.
I don't used talk to stranger,but your attitude became your weapon
to attack my heart.

You love purple,
I love blue,
you're not that noble,
but you're you :)

Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009

wish you were here

she veiling her head,covered up all her weakness.
all he can see is nothing but a pleasant side of her.

he would stay awake at night,just to wrote a song.
a thousand miles lyrics would do,just to make her feel up better.

he sang a hundred song even though
she had fall asleep.

she always have something nice to say
just to make he felt this way forever.

and how i wish that you were here.

Ahad, 1 Februari 2009

Funny guy

aku mcm tertanya-tanya la kenapa nrul buat cani ?

ape motif kau wehh?

ataupun kau mmg nk bgtau kt semua org yg aku ni kelakar a?!!haha.

Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009

Dear She,I wrote this shit just for you.

When heart starting to collide.They'll crushed.

I'm stiff when seeing her for the first time,
My heart is jittery.
It seems like i'm careless for a moment when opposed eye with her.My heart is not certain.
She really freak me out!then, i've loss my cool.

When my eye meet her eye,i just couldn't stand it anymore.
I don't have the guts,but i had to put the shit in even though I felt like it was very hard to unburden.

Eventually,two hearts consolidated.

For the first time in my life,i felt like having something worth to die with.
Something like super f-king rare.

I'd walk a thousand miles rather than being far away from the one who seeing me not in the eyes,but with heart.

P/s:aku tau,jiwang.hehe

Rabu, 10 Disember 2008

Kain pelikat

gamble suda futsal pelikat.hehe